Apricot Music & Art

Piano : Ayse TASPINAR GATENYO  Violin : Kristapor Najarian

Apricot Music and Art commissioned Kritapor Najarian, a young artist of Armenian descent, to create a work that promotes peace and dialogue between communities. This collaboration aims to have a positive global impact, bringing Near Eastern cultures back to their roots and deserving widespread acclaim for its unique contribution to cultural harmony.

Arr. Hakan Ali TOKER Piyano: Ayşe TAŞPINAR GATENYO                    Ses Sanatçısı: Bora UYMAZ Keman: Ertuğrul ERHAN              Fotoğraflar: İzzet KERİBAR

To preserve the Maftirim, Jewish prayers originating in Edirne and facing the threat of disappearance, we aimed to keep this rich cultural heritage alive. We commissioned Hakan Ali Toker, a Turkish composer, to westernize these tunes with piano accompaniment, thereby making them accessible to Western audiences as well. Through this collaboration, we carefully selected specific tunes for Toker to arrange, ensuring this album would celebrate and sustain this important cultural tradition. Additionally, this project is complemented by Izzet Keribar’s synagogue photographs from all around Turkey, enriching the musical experience with visual narratives of the country’s Jewish heritage.



This piece is dedicated to all the victims of the earthquake in Turkey.